Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel + 25 Foot Hose 1/2" diameter


At the core the ikris Retractable Garden Hose contains a sturdy reinforced ½” braided PVC hose with high-quality brass fittings. It is contained within a spring-loaded case. The hose reel allows use at any length - simply pull until the desired length and release. To rewind hose pull slightly again to initiate the spring rewind action! A round stopper prevents the hose from rewinding too far into the case and an internal warning tag prevents overextension. Our SmartPath technology rewinds the hose using the most optimal path – to prevent uneven overlapping when fully retracted.

The case uses a 180° Swivel mount and is removable for easy Winter storage. A foldable convenient-to-carry handle is built-in for easy transportation. A removable access panel at the top of the case allows access to the internals for easy cleaning.

A starter nozzle is included along with mounting hardware (4 Hex Lag Screws).


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