Retractable Garden Hose Reel + 50 Foot Hose 5/8" diameter

  • Includes a pre-installed, Automatic Rewinding, Reinforced 5/8” diameter braided PVC hose with high-quality, threaded brass end fittings
  • Retracting SmartPath Guide automatically levels the hose reel while rewinding to prevent uneven overlapping
  • 180° Swivel Mount and Easily detachable case for Winter storage
  • Locks to Stop at any length - Simply pull until desired length and release.
  • Starter Nozzle, Mounting Hex Lag Bolts, Bolt Mounts, and pre-installed 5/8” hose included


At the core, the ikris Retractable Garden Hose contains a sturdy reinforced 5/8” braided PVC hose with high-quality brass fittings. It is contained within a spring-loaded case. The hose reel allows use at any length - simply pull until the desired length and release. To rewind hose, pull slightly again to initiate the spring rewind action! A round stopper prevents the hose from rewinding too far into the case, and an internal warning tag prevents overextension. Our SmartPath technology rewinds the hose using the most optimal path – to prevent uneven overlapping when fully retracted.

The case uses a 180° Swivel mount, and is removable for easy Winter storage. A foldable, convenient-to-carry handle is built-in for easy transportation.

A pre-installed hose, starter nozzle, and mounting hardware is included (4 Hex Lag Screws). 
Use a 12mm drill bit to install plastic anchors first, fasten bolts, then slide main unit down onto the bolts before tightenting to secure.

Make sure the Swivel Mount is installed securely before using. 
Release water pressure by shutting off and draining the hose before rewinding. 
Do Not disassemble. 
Do not let go during rewinding, as it may cause the hose to whip. 
Drain hose before prolonged inactivity to avoid stagnant water. 
Shut off the lead valve when not in use 
Avoid Freezing temperatures – empty hose reel at the end of the season and store in a cool, dry place. 
Do not overtighten connector. 
Read all directions and instructions before using this product. 
Use only as directed. 
Fits all standard U.S. hose thread connections (3/4”). 


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