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ikris One-Touch Lever Garden Hose Nozzle 9 Pattern Sprayer

ikris One-Touch Lever Garden Hose Nozzle 9 Pattern Sprayer

SKU: NOZ2101
  • Versatile and Light: Made to be one of the lightest 9-pattern nozzles - this nozzle is designed to satisfy every gardening task. With a forest green theme, this sprayer not only looks polished but is made to stand up to regular gardening duty. Plastic construction and springless mechanism will not rust.
  • 9 Watering Patterns: For Every Watering Need. Whether you need a high pressure jet to clean a hard surface or a soft shower to wash your dog, the 9 patterns have you covered!
  • Ergonomic Soft Rubber ComfortGrip: Means comfortable spraying without the tiring. The soft rubber coating makes this nozzle very comfortable in your hand so you can water for long periods of time. Our ComfortGrip handles are fully coated around the entire base - compare to cheaper products which reveal the handle base.
  • Flow Control: Flow control is absent on inferior hose nozzles, a common problem that significantly reduces your water pressure. This results in a pitiful spray pattern rendering the nozzle virtually useless for many watering tasks. Having control of the water pressure means that you can adjust the pressure for each of the 9 spray patterns.  This heavy duty nozzle has flow control adjustment. Choose from a soft, delicate shower all the way to a high-velocity jet.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Order with confidence! Each ikris 9-Pattern Hose Nozzle comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to be free from manufacturing defect - every time! We are always available to help our customers. Our customer service record is unparalleled!
    $39.99 Regular Price
    $15.00Sale Price
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