10-Pattern Metal One-Touch Nozzle | 2020 Metal Lever Edition


Unrivaled Customer Service
We first introduced our original 10-pattern nozzle in 2016 to much success - Since then, we've had more than 10,000 satisfied customers!

We Listened!
Our engineers incorporated valuable feedback from customers like you and redesigned the All New Metal Lever for the 10-pattern nozzle.

Better than Ever
The All-Metal Lever Edition completes the heavy duty build quality and complements the award-winning features of our 10-pattern nozzle!

10 Watering Patterns For Every Watering Need
Whether you need a high pressure jet to clean nooks and crannies, or a soft shower to wash your dog, The 10 watering patterns has everything covered.

Thumb Control with EasyFlow - High to Low - A Must Have Feature
Flow control is absent on many of the low quality nozzles. Flow control will let you adjust the pressure for each of the 10 spray patterns, all with the flick of your thumb!

No Squeeze Trigger - With the EasyFlow thumb control, just push up to start and continue watering!
The ComfortGrip contours to the palm, while the finger guard assists in a controlled spray!

Ergonomic Soft Rubber ComfortGrip - Your Hands Won't Tire
The soft rubber coating makes this sprayer extremely comfortable in your hand. Water all day without the tire!

All Watering Nozzles Are Not Created Equal
The ikris 10-Pattern nozzle is a top quality, heavy duty, watering nozzle that you can rely on. Each nozzle is backed with our 100% guarantee for the ease of mind!

We're sure that you will find this hose nozzle a delight to use along with your existing gardening tools.
Order today, for yourself or a friend with a green thumb!

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