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ikris Garden Tools

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2019 Metal Lever Edition | 10-Pattern One-Touch Garden Hose Nozzle


Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Buster 41"

(Red, Yellow, Blue, Gray)

01 use.jpg

Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel + 5/8" diameter Hose (50ft, 75ft)

MISC 00002.jpg

Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel + 1/2" diameter Hose (25ft, 50ft, 75ft, 120ft)

MISC 00002.jpg

Deluxe Misting Kit

MISC 00002.jpg

Soaker / Shower No-Squeeze

Hose Wands

(16", 33")

MISC 00002.jpg

Generation 2

Garden Hose Splitters

(Shut-off Tap, 2-way connector, 4-way connector)

MISC 00002.jpg

Garden Impulse Sprinkler with Metal Sled Base

MISC 00002.jpg

Garden Rubber Hose Washers

Crack and Cold Resistant

MISC 00002.jpg

Garden Hose Splitter 2-way with Rubberized ComfortGrip

2Way - 01.jpg

Garden Hose Splitter 4-way with Rubberized ComfortGrip

4Way - 01.jpg

Garden Hose Nozzle 9-Pattern Metal Sprayer with Rubberized ComfortGrip

9Noz - 03.jpg

Garden Hose Nozzle 10-Pattern Metal No-Squeeze  Sprayer

10Noz - 04.jpg
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