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Deluxe Misting Kit


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Deluxe Misting Kit

  • Keep cool and beat the heat: Decreases the surrounding area by up to 20° F! 10 feet of Mist Cooling Coverage.

  • Easy Setup: Preassembled kit is ready to mist in 5 minutes!

  • Efficient, Low Water Usage: our High Quality, Ultrafine Brass/Stainless Steel misting nozzles use as little as ½ gph per nozzle.

  • Flexible installation: the deluxe kit includes both snap clips and mounts, usable in any location. Place underneath umbrellas, gazebos, on fans, awnings, and on fences for a refreshing mist!

  • Kit contains pre-built 20' mist tubing, 6 brass/SST misting nozzles, 6 wall Mounts, 8 Hanging Snap Clips, and a built in stainless steel filter washer

There's leaking at the hose connection!

An old or misaligned washer is the most likely culprit for leaks at the hose connection.  Check for a black-colored hose washer at the connection.

Try our replacement hose washers!

- Make sure that the washer is seated securely before connecting to a hose.

- Remove all traces of plumber's tape/teflon tape.

Product Care

  • Use a water filter when using in a place of hard water. Hard water and Minerals will clog up the nozzle openings over time!

  • Drain misting line before prolonged inactivity to avoid stagnant water. 

  • Shut off the lead valve when not in use.

  • Avoid Freezing temperatures – empty misting line at the end of the season and store in a cool, dry place. 

  • Do not overtighten connector. 

  • Read all directions and instructions before using this product. 

  • Use only as directed. 

  • Fits all standard U.S. hose thread connections (3/4”).

  • Avoid dropping on floor. 

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