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Garden Hose Wand No-Squeeze Sprayer with Adjustable Head, 18" / 33"


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Garden Hose Wand No-Squeeze Sprayer with Adjustable Head, 18" / 33"

  • Everything in Reach: Hose Wand allows you to water Over, Under, and Around where traditional nozzles can’t reach.

  • Versatility: Water vertical, hanging, and wall planters with ease! Reach into shrubs and bushes to ensure everything is watered thoroughly! Ratcheting head provides 180° of watering freedom! Includes the Shower and Soaker patterns!

  • No Squeeze: Thumb Control technology means you activate a lever only once to engage in continuous watering – no more hand strain from squeezing handles!

  • Adjustable Pressure: Unlike traditional wands where a squeeze produces a forceful spray, the adjustable lever allows gentle showers on delicate flowers and plants from beginning to end.

  • Guaranteed 100%: We sell only high-quality products, and stand by them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let us prove it to you today – try the ikris Hose Wand in situations where others have failed!

There's leaking at the hose connection!

An old or misaligned washer is the most likely culprit for leaks at the hose connection.  Check for a black-colored hose washer at the connection (see above).

Try our replacement hose washers!

- Make sure that the washer is seated securely before connecting to a hose.

- Remove all traces of plumber's tape/teflon tape.

There's leaking around the pattern ring!

This normal, and only happens for a brief moment when switching between pattern selections.  This occurs when the Thumb Control is activated and in the brief moment while changing patterns, the water has nowhere else to go.  The 'leaking' is the residual water draining out of the nozzle, and should last no more than 2 seconds.

Do I have to hold the lever or squeeze a trigger to use this?

We get this question a lot, and we're happy to say, No!  There's nothing to squeeze, only our ThumbControl lever to push up/down.  It works similar to a light switch: Simply slide up to engage in an continuous water stream, and slide down to shut off.  Because of this innovative mechanism, you're also able to adjust the water flow or intensity (similar to a light dimmer)

What patterns are on this wand?

There are 2 patterns on this nozzle.  They are:

  1. Soaker

  2. Shower

Product Care

  • Shut off the lead valve when not in use

  • Avoid Freezing temperatures – empty hose wand at the end of the season and store in a cool, dry place.

  • Do not overtighten connector.

  • Read all directions and instructions before using this product.

  • Use only as directed.

  • Fits all standard U.S. hose thread connections (3/4”).

  • Avoid dropping on floor.

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